Eesti Maja – Minecraft

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Explore Eesti Maja as you’ve never seen it before. Travel the halls from the EStore to the Suur Saal in one of two lovingly crafted Minecraft worlds.

Thanks to Eesti Maja’s summer interns for their creativity in coming up with the idea and doing all of the development!


Explore the building in either the basic (vanilla) or advanced (modded) version either online or by yourself. Requires Minecraft: Java Edition to access.

Two versions of Eesti Maja have been created to showcase the building. Each version can be accessed by downloading or connecting to our servers until September 23, 2021.

For the simplest way to play

  • 1) Start Minecraft
  • 2) Go to Multiplayer
  • 3) Click Direct Connection
  • 4) Enter
  • 5) Click Join Server