Learn to speak Estonian – classes for adults

This September we will once again be offering adult classes. The advanced third year class begins on Tuesday, September 10th, from 7-9:10 pm.

The beginner’s class, taught by Kristina Soolepp, starts on Sept 17th and will be held every SECOND week from 7PM – 9PM. We will cover conversation, slang, grammar, a little history and geography as well as discussions about life in Estonia. Classes are small and quickly evolve into a friendly network. Cost: $250, textbook $35.

The third year class, taught by Epp Aruja, is for students who have taken the course previously and those who wish to increase their knowledge of Estonian. Initially we will quickly go over the previous years material and then continue with learning more grammar and increasing our vocabulary as we develop conversational and writing skills. There will be 30 sessions on Tuesday evenings, continuing until mid-May. Cost is $400.

Note whether you are interested in the beginner or third year. Come and have fun!

Please let us know if you are interested in the beginner or advanced program.