REGISTRATION – 2022/2023

beginner ADULT classes
Accepting registrations for January 2023

This is a basic class and is intended for non-native speakers.  Through exercises and discussion students learn how to participate in everyday conversations. Discussion topics include numbers, time, colors, food, etc. We also cover some elements of basic grammar.  Students participate online via Microsoft Teams. Classes run from 7.00pm to 8.30pm ET on Tuesday nights.

6 week program – $100
Start date: New session begins January 2023

advanced adult classes
limited space available

This is for adult students with a medium or higher level of Estonian. Students in this class are still in the process of learning grammar rules and memorizing vocabulary. We work through all of the various verb conjugations as well as all of the declensions, singular and plural, for nouns, adjectives and adverbs. We also work on writing grammatically correct sentences and translating, often from memory. Key to this class is memorization of the vocabulary! And we have a lot of fun doing all of it via Zoom.

Weekly classes – $375
Start date: TBA

conversational ADULT classes

This class is for those who can speak Estonian quite well and/or are fluent but may not have someone to talk to in Estonian. We discuss current events and/or have discussion topics assigned prior to class. We use Zoom for our classes.

Monthly online sessions – $250
September 2022 to May 2023